Outreg2 sheet

Outreg sheet

Outreg2 sheet

It is similar to a numlist a varlist but. The regression outputs are produced piecemeal and are difficult to compare without some outreg2 type of rearrangement. How to save outputs to different sheets‏ in the same Excel file. outreg2 automates this process by concatenating the successive regression outputs in a vertical format. For example, something like: outsheet. Unfortunately copy , paste truncates text- labels causes lots of other issues for us. outreg is available after any estimation command.

I have a small project where I need to tabulate a dataset with frequencies in various ways and export those tables in a large Excel sheet. A textlist ( my own term) is a list of text separated by commas, i. You can use the outreg command but before using the command you need to. Outreg2 sheet. " text" [, " text". Professional Looking Results table in Word / Importing Regression results into word or Excel. Dear all, Is it possible to save outputs to different sheets in the same Excel file in stata? outreg2 provides a fast outreg2 and easy way to produce an illustrative table of regression outputs.

Sheet outreg

Outreg2 command set matsize 10000 outreg2 using summarystats. doc, replace sum( log) outreg2 using summarystats. doc, replace sum( log) keep( age incwage inctot) / / only some variables 1 Note that in older versions of Stata, this command needs to be combined with the next step. The outreg2 package can produce similar results ( ssc install outreg2) outreg2 [ est1 est2 est3] using " auto_ reg2. txt ", see replace / * # # # LOOPS - use loops to automate repetitive tasks. STATA Geek Out – Tables with outreg2 October 17, Nicholas Reith Leave a comment Aside from the very interesting theoretical and political- sociology oriented posts of late, some of us at the UT Austin Soc blog would also like to encourage other types of posts with a more methodological angle.

outreg2 sheet

Stata results to Excel. You might also try - outreg- and - outreg2- Use the - findit- option to get the package. This is for regression results only.