Bc108 transistor datasheet

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Bc108 transistor datasheet

Bc108 19Philips SemiconductorsProduct specificationNPN general purpose transistorsBC107; BC108; BC109LIMITING VALUESIn accordance with the Absolute Maximum Rating System ( IEC 134). Datasheet Distributor Part # Stock Pricing. BC108 datasheet BC108 data sheet, data sheet, BC108 pdf, datasheet pdf. The BC108 from Multicomp are through hole NPN low power silicon planar epitaxial transistors in TO- 18 bc108 metal can package. bc107- bc108- bc109. com Datasheet ( data sheet) search for integrated circuits ( ic) transistors , other electronic components such as resistors, semiconductors , capacitors diodes. 100 mA) • Low voltage ( max. BC108 Transistor Datasheet pdf, BC108 Equivalent. Collector emitter voltage ( Vce) of 25V.
The name BC107 and BC108 for a transistor stands for the following purposes: B — Its made of silicon. The transistor base sits between the collector and the emitter. 7 mV/ K with increasing temperature. Request MULTICOMP BC108: BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR TO- 18 online from Elcodis, download BC108 pdf datasheet, NPN, 20V, view Transistors ( BJT) - bc108 Single specifications. Bc108 transistor datasheet. The BC108 transistor is an NPN transistor. BC548 is a NPN transistor so the collector emitter will be left open when the base pin is held at ground will be closed when a signal is provided to base pin. APPLICATIONS datasheet search integrated circuits, Semiconductors, datasheets, diodes , Datasheet search site for Electronic Components other semiconductors. 19 4 Philips Semiconductors Product specification NPN general purpose transistors BC107; BC108; BC109 CHARACTERISTICS Tj = 25° C unless otherwise specified.

BC108 Datasheet Equivalent Cross Reference Search. VBEsat bc108 decreases by about 1. THERMAL CHARACTERISTICSNote datasheet search integrated circuits, datasheets, Semiconductors, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components , diodes other semiconductors. 19Philips SemiconductorsProduct specificationNPN general purpose transistorsBC107; BC108; BC109FEATURES• Low current ( max. A BC108 Transistor is an NPN ( Negative- Positive- Negative) Bipolar Transistor: the most commonly used transistor configuration The BC108 Collector is connected to the positive ( + ve) supply via the load. BC108 LOW NOISE GENERAL PURPOSE AUDIO AMPLIFIERS Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet4U. Operating Junction Temperature ( Tj) : 175 ° C Transition Frequency ( ft) : 150 MHz Collector Capacitance ( Cc) : 5 pF. Maximum Emitter- Base Voltage | Veb| : 5 V Maximum Collector Current | Ic max| : 0. pdf Size: 100K _ st. BC108 Inventory Pricing Datasheets from Authorized Distributors at ECIA. ( if germanium then it would be A) C — Its a three terminal device. In the two main types of transistors the bc108 base bc108 is bc108 made of either positive negative material.

Bc108 transistor datasheet. They bc108 are suitable for use in driver stages low noise input stages signal processing circuits of television receivers. ( transistor) The first two digits give the case and polarity. BC108 datasheet BC108 datasheets, BC108 circuit : SIEMENS - npn sisicon transistor, BC108 pdf, alldatasheet, datasheet Datasheet search site for Electronic. CDIL - BC108 - bc108 CDIL BC108 NPN GP Transistor - Small signal transistor with silicon planar construction suitable for low noise general purpose audio Javascript is currently disabled in your browser please turn it on to avoid loss of functionality. Bipolar Transistor Small Signal NPN Low.
BC108 bc108 datasheet , Datasheet search site for Electronic Components , Semiconductors, triacs, BC108 data sheet : PHILIPS - NPN general purpose transistors, datasheet, diodes, BC108 circuit, alldatasheet, integrated circuits other semiconductors. Now if the 2nd digit is greater than or bc108 equal to 5 then its a PNP transistor otherwise NPN. This device is used for switching and amplification. Parameters and Characteristics. BC548 Transistor Pinout Equivalent Working As Amplifier/ Switch & Datasheet.

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The BC548 is the modern plastic- packaged BC108; the BC548 article at the Radiomuseum website describes the BC548 as a successor to the BC238 and differing from the BC108 in only the shape of the package. Datasheets for the BC548 give specifications that are identical to, or exceed, those of the BC108, BC148 and BC238 predecessors. Abstract: c638 transistor EQUIVALENT TRANSISTOR bc108 C756 TRANSISTOR PNP Transistor 2N2222 equivalent transistor c495 c637 transistor C735 transistor TRANSISTOR bc107 current gain c372 transistor Text:. Matching Transistor Pairs are available with 5% and 10% matching on hfe ( or hFE). BC107/ BC108 Series Low Power Bipolar Transistors Page 2 20/ 04/ 06 V1.

bc108 transistor datasheet

0 Absolute Maximum Ratings Description Symbol BC107 BC108 Unit Collector- Emitter Voltage VCEO 45 25 Collector- Base Voltage CBO 50 30V Emitter- Base Voltage VEBO 6. 0 Collector Current Continuous IC 0.